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Hank's River Adventure

Project type

Children's Book


Summer 2023



Finally! Hank gets to tell his side of the story. It wasn't just me on the adventure of a lifetime. This little rescue pup was with me all 3,300 miles and 175 days.

Hank is a small pit bull/lab mix that I rescued from a shelter just eight weeks before launching on the epic adventure shared in my book Digging Deeper: USMC Veteran Solo Paddles the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

Now, you get to hear his tale of triumph. From a life of abuse and hardships, Hank jumped into the vast unknown with me. He encountered many new things, and many challenges, from rambunctious cows to riotous porcupines.

Despite being timid and scared, Hank jumped in and leaned into all of his challenges. Not only did he make it through, but he emerged from his river adventure a happy, confident pup...his only complaint, when is the next adventure???

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