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About Amanda

Amanda Hoenes is the founder of True Path Adventures, a company that strives to bring the transformative power of outdoor adventures into everyday lives. Breaking through barriers and stereotypes, she wants others to know they can do the same, overcoming fears and challenges. An Ozarkian at heart from the Show-Me state of Missouri, her life has been driven by a desire to explore the world, its limits, and her own.  

​Enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2001 at age 19, she was not deterred when a senior officer commented on how to 'get rid of her'. Digging in and more determined than ever, she deployed to Iraq three times, was promoted to multiple leadership positions, and received multiple combat awards including a Bronze Star with 'V' for Valor in 2003. 

Completing her enlistment she relocated to her beloved Rocky Mountains, earning a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in history and a Master of Business Administration from Colorado State University. During this time, she volunteered with the innovative CSU Veteran's Discovery Board, started her first business, and worked as a personal trainer. 

Upon graduating, Amanda accepted first position at a technology company in Bozeman, Montana. Her learning curve was steep, but her grit, determination and willingness to learn translated into rapid success as a Project Manager and Business Analyst. 

In 2016, she accepted a position at Kohl's Department stores in their IT Credit Department. Excited to be challenged on a larger scale, Amanda found the Fortune 500 corporate environment proved the perfect playground to hone her own communication and leadership skills. In 2019, she was selected to participate in the Kohl's Intrapreneurship Leadership in Innovation Forum presenting to hundreds of executives.

In September 2020, Amanda was laid off due to COVID. Reeling at the time, she now says it was the best thing that ever happened to her. Rather than jump into another corporate job, she made the radical decision to sell her home and hit the road seeking adventure. Rescuing Hank, a pit bull/lab mix, along the way, the road trip gave birth to her most epic adventure yet.


Spending 175 days camping along the rivers, Amanda solo paddled more than 3,300 miles from the headwaters of the Missouri River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Emerging from the adventure a different woman, she shares a story of perseverance, patience, faith, and a whole lot of hard work. 

In honor of her massive feat on the big rivers, Amanda was awarded the 2022 Missouri Sports Hall of Fame Wynn Award which honors former high school, college and Olympic athletes who made positive impacts on women’s sports or contributed to the advancement of women’s sports in the Show-Me State. 

Today, she can be found building her new business True Path Adventures which leads kids and families in their own hands-on adventures. In an effort to share her message about the value of an adventurous attitude, she frequently travels for speaking engagements and book promotions. When Amanda is not running her business or sharing her message, you can find her working Cedar Ridge Ranch, the family property, reading, trail running, or chasing her own new adventures.

Amanda prides herself on 'not having quit in her'. She knows that our journey is never complete here on earth, there is always growth and self-awareness to come. How painful that growth may be depends on us, on our willingness to lean into challenges, and to embrace an attitude of adventure. 

For a truly unique speaker who will authentically connect, entertain and engage your audience, you've come to the right place. 

Contact Amanda today to get a little dose of her adventure for your group! 

Oh, and go ahead and tell her she can't do something. 


(262) 613-7149



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