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About Hank

At the same time that Amanda was traveling the country, so was Hank. Picked up in Texas, he was shipped to three other states, kill shelter after kill shelter, before landing in Washington state. Just six days before Amanda drove through on her RV road trip. They had changed his name to Canoe.


Amanda did an online search of local shelters, saw those deep brown eyes, and the rest was history. It was clear that Canoe (Hank) was abused and it would be an enormous leap of faith to adopt him...he wouldn't even come near her when they met.


It required an attitude of adventure and a whole lot of trust, but Hank turned out to be absolutely perfect for the canoe, once he got his proper dog name back. ​


You can find Hank today living his best life out at Cedar Ridge Ranch in the heart of the Ozarks.

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